10 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Men’s Lifestyle Blog

Suppose you have a goal in mind. What would be the best way to keep yourself on track in order to reach that goal? I would say self-accounting is the most effective method to keep your eye on the prize. Let’s say you are a guy and have an interest in fitness, eating right, and looking good. The best way to keep your hobby afloat and stay passionate about it is by having an outlet to celebrate your interest. That outlet should certainly be utilizing visual-focused social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. But the problem with these platforms is you don’t own them. That is why I recommend anyone who has a passion about anything be it chess, programming, or looking good, should invest into a blog. In the case of a guy who cares about style and fitness, a men’s lifestyle blog is the perfect way to stay disciplined on your pursuit to perfection.

Here are my top ten reasons why you should start your own men’s lifestyle blog.


Stuff costs money. This is a well known fact. In the space of men’s lifestyle, the monthly bill you incur of looking good can quickly add up. Your day job can certainly be pulling in enough income for you to buy all that you want when it comes to your passion, but you are leaving money on the table if you do not monetize your hobby. Creating content is the number one way to gain an audience and with an audience comes financial opportunities. Reasons number 1 and 2 on why you should start your own men’s’ lifestyle blog are Side Hustle and Sponsorships: 

1 – Side Hustle

When you have your own men’s lifestyle blog, you can easily throw up ads and affiliate links throughout your blog posts. There is nothing wrong with trying to earn a second income through a personal hobby. Whatever income earned can be reinvested back into products that you like ( that you can review ) which will give your audience more content to consume. More reviews and more personal experiences with the items you purchase will make for a happier viewership.

2 – Sponsorships

The American dream to me is two things – owning property and having people pay you to use their stuff, aka sponsorships. When you rank high organically on Google and Bing, companies will definitely notice you within your niche. If you are putting out good content, don’t be surprised if you are approached to start representing a brand. The men’s Lifestyle niche is fertile enough to conceive so many sponsorship opportunities from apparel to grooming to food subscriptions.


What’s better, owning a home or renting a home? Obviously, owning is better. You can do what you want with the house. You can rent it out or resell it. That’s the beauty of having your own blog – it’s yours. The discovery process of your blog can certainly take place through your various social media channels, but the big producer of your audience will come from the organic search results that Google will spit out to it’s users. Reasons 3, 4, and 5 for having your own men’s lifestyle blog are having your own corner on the internet, being found organically, and building a list of subscribers:

3 – Your own corner on the internet

As great as platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are, you do not own them. At any moment, they can shut down your channel or profile. That means the audience which you may have been getting from your YouTube videos automatically ends. I advise that any content you put up on these platforms, make sure you throw that same content up on your website. Diversification is important when it comes to your content. Make sure no matter what happens, the blog that you own is a safe haven for every photo, video, and blog post you ever produced.

4 – Organic Search

Suppose you post a review about a recent suit purchase you made at Suitsupply on YouTube. Add that review onto your personal blog as well. Why? Not everyone searches on YouTube to determine if they want to buy from Suitsupply or not. Perhaps someone will use Google or Bing to look for a review. This is where your blog will pop up and send you more traffic. The opportunity to expand your audience is made available to you through organic searches. The landing page will inevitably be your personal blog.

5 – Subscribers

As great as it is to have thousands of people following your Instagram page, you do not own a master list of all these subscribers. You cannot simply email them with any new announcements. The only form of communication available on Instagram is through posts or direct messages. When you manage your own blog, you can put a subscribe widget onto your website and start collecting emails. These emails are now yours unless the user requests to be unsubscribed. You now have an open line of communication with your audience through email. This new avenue of social connection can be used to inform them of new content that you posted or new products you think they might be interested in.


One of the main reasons why I started The Vegan Mindset was to provide outreach on the topic of veganism specifically for men. I wanted to let the public know that you can be a normal guy who likes nice things such as Rolex watches while being an advocate for animal. Your website has the potential to truly help a vast amount of people be it consumers or advocacy groups through your content. Reasons 6 and 7 for starting your own men’s lifestyle blog is being a resource for the clueless and finding more opportunities for charity.

6 – A resource for the clueless

Aside from buying more stuff and make side-money, your blog is a resource for lots of clueless men. I am always Googling questions on the topic of men’s fitness and clothing. You provide a valuable public service to many guys who have no where else to turn to. You will actually build relationships with your audience as well. There is one blog owner I am often in contact with who writes about making money online. I always use his affiliate links when I need a service that he pushes, and in exchange he is always willing to answer any questions I may have. A quid pro quo scenario takes place with your faithful viewership. That’s why it is always important to answer emails and respond to all comments.

7 – Charity 

My wife and I spend a significant amount of time and money working with various causes that require charity. Your blog can be used to amplify the message of a cause you feel is important to you. Think about it: suppose you love PETA and your website gets 10,000 viewers a month. You can simply add a small ad on your sidebar to promote an event that PETA is holding.  Your blog works as a vehicle to get more people aware about the things you believe in the most.

Also, the revenue stream from your blog can be used as a charitable contribution. You may even be able to share an organizations PayPal information on your website so your viewership can directly donate to a cause you are most fond of.


The great thing about keeping a dairy of your hobby (which is essentially what a blog is) is the fact that you are keeping a disciplined tracking of your craft. Suppose you discuss a cologne purchase throughout 5 different blog posts. At some point, you will be ready to move on and buy another fragrance to discuss. Additionally, you are so consistent with your passion, you will attract the attention of huge brands and power players in your niche. Your organic evolution as a blogger with a big enough audience can turn into a personalized brand that people will want to buy into. In essence, a blog will be the pathway to your growth. Reasons 8, 9, and 10 on why you should start your own men’s lifestyle blog are a constant reminder to build up that inventory, find new opportunities, and partner up with industry leaders. 

8 – A constant reminder to keep adding to your inventory 

I am a huge fan of watches. Aside for my animal rights advocacy, one of the reasons why I started The Vegan Mindset was to eventually make enough revenue to add more timepieces to my collection. A Men’s Lifestyle Blog will do just that – it will remind you and push you to keep adding to your inventory of prized possessions be it colognes, shoes, or fitness accessories. It’s a constant personal memo to keep building on what you already have.

9 – Unknown opportunities

Your next blog post could get the attention of a serious corporate executive looking for a fresh face to represent their company or the attention of a man/woman that could develop into a romantic connection. By being public, transparent, and pushing out good honest content, you will garner the attention power players and love interests.

10 – Building a Brand

Picture this – your personal blog has 50,000 email subscribers with 5,000 people viewing your content each day. Your YouTube channel gets another 10,000 views per video. Your Instagram posts get thousands of likes. You are no longer a blogger at that point, you are a brand. You have built a loyal following. People trust you and the content you produce. If you write a book, you better believe your loyalists will be the first to purchase your book. You are a one-man conglomerate.

And there you have. Those are the Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Men’s Lifestyle Blog. The opportunities are endless and your passion will thrive because of the story being told through the medium of a blog posts for the public.

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