10 ways To Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

10 ways To Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

Do you deal with negative thoughts constantly? Many of us do. An overwhelming amount of Americans go through at least 1 major depressive episode within their lifetime. From celebrities to the blue-collar working class, negative thoughts don’t discriminate based on race or social class. Without a proper plan, it can get very difficult to get out of your mental funk.

Our minds can act as cells and cages to dark, unhappy feelings. But just like physical illness, this too can be cured with the right prescription. And no, I do not mean that in the pharmaceutical sense. There are ways to get out a depressive episode without pills or therapy. Just as a side-note, if you are convinced you do require serious treatment, seek out a medical professional. This blog post is directed towards people who know they aren’t clinically catalogued as being depressed but just deal with bad days once in a while.

You can overcome just about anything. Negative thoughts can be easily defeated as long as you have the right tools in your arsenal. I have come up with 10 ways to get rid of negative thoughts and make life easier to tackle! If one tip doesn’t work for you, I bet the next one will.

Let’s begin.


Exercise comes with many positive outcomes. The mental health benefits of exercise have been well documented. From my personal experience, I have noticed two clear outcomes from physical activity: mental pause and release of endorphins.

Assuming my workout is intense enough, I tend to forget whatever is on my mind that’s been weighing me down. During my workout and afterwards, any negative thoughts I have completely dissolve. I would approximate that for 2 full hours, my mind is fully clear. This is in itself a huge relief.

When you exercise, your body releases a chemical called “endorphins”. This chemical diminishes the feeling of pain, reduces stress, and gives you a general sensation of euphoria. When combining these three sensations at once, you will definitely rid yourself of negative thoughts – at least temporarily.

Go vegan

This is purely subjective but I have eaten meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products for about 30 years of my life. When I finally went vegan, by week 2, I was feeling optimistic, physically light, and energetic.

Sometimes the food we eat weighs us down. When I relapsed and ate meat/dairy during those episodes, I felt gloomy, tired, and mentally depleted.

As famously said by Hippocrates “let food by thy medicine”. Give a vegan, plant-based diet a shot to see how it effects your negative thoughts.

We are what we eat as they say. Examine your mood if you were to 3 donuts for breakfast. Then try having a super-food smoothie on another day for breakfast. I am certain you will find the comparison of how you feel dramatic. Food is here to give you energy. If you ever feel negative, chances are its when you are sluggish, tired, or depleted. I would imagine you are immensely more positive when your energy is high.

Accomplish 1 thing a day

A common source of our negative thoughts is derived from low self-esteem and a feeling of uselessness. I am a huge advocate of attempting to complete 1 task a day. Brushing your teeth isn’t what I am talking about. I am referring to an item on your to-do list that is fairly important but not overly hard to complete.

Is there a certain package you have been pushing off to send out? Do you have an excel spreadsheet in your inbox that you have been procrastinating on for weeks now? Have you been neglecting the gym all month? These are the types of tasks I look at that I believe should be tackled on a daily basis.

You will experience a slight high and a sense of relief when you get 1 significant thing done each day.

Do the math – if you do 1 important thing per day, within a month, you have accomplished 30 goals. This is huge. How can you possibly have negative thoughts when your getting shit done in life? Doing one thing a day is great for your mental health and shockingly easy to do.

Get out of toxic relationships

External forces create internal reactions. If you are surrounded by negative people, you will eventually absorb their negativity. There is no reason for you to keep atrocious people in your life. Toxic relationships typically have no benefit. Some toxic relationships affect your bottom-line, your time, and your emotional energy.

Granted, if the negative people in your life are hard to get rid of such as parents or spouses, this certainly poses an issue. Assuming you want to avoid a divorce, distance yourself from the person instead. Limit the amount of time you have to spend with them.

Negativity is contagious. The same way you aren’t sharing soup with someone who has strep throat, you shouldn’t share the same air or space with a Debbie Downer.

Get Rid of Social Media

At one point or another social media was a great way to connect with people and stay in touch with old friends. Just like what our personal email boxes have become, it is now completely full of spam. Sure, it has its uses, but for the most part, do you really need to be on Facebook or Instagram several hours a day?

Personally, when I am on Instagram, the only thing that I accrue is jealousy. This is a common reaction with most people. People only post the best moments of their lives. You rarely see a post of someone showing off that their checking account just went below $25 and their next pay check isn’t coming for another week. All you get is the body-oiled beach shots or photos of guys tailgating at a Jets game.

Seeing only polished photos that reflect the most positive moments of other peoples lives tricks you into believing they deal with no pitfalls or obstacles. This takes a toll on you and starts to convince you that your life is utter garbage seeing as how you almost never find yourself in all of these perfect Instagram moments. This is all smoke and mirrors. The safest option is to completely gut your use of social media so you don’t have to deal with these seeds of negative thinking.

Another issue with social media is advertising. You are constantly shown products that you probably can’t afford. This gives you a sense of poverty when chances are you probably are better off than most people on this planet. Cutting yourself off from all of these toxic platforms will surely contribute to you cutting off another source of negative thoughts.

Change Your Body Language

Do you have slouched shoulders? Do you drag your feet when you walk? When you sit, does your body give the signal of someone who is undisciplined and weak? I am a firm believer that our appearances have an effect on our internal condition. When you convey depression with your body language, I believe you are more prone to actually being depressed.

I instantly feel better when I walk with my chest out, sit up straight, and display a sense of confidence to the world with my body positioning. Give it a try.

When you are feeling down or are dealing with negative thoughts, pause, and notice what your body language is like. My roughest days of low confidence and hopelessness are when I am in bed for the majority of the time. The moment I get up and change my body positioning from laying in a submissive manner to conveying a stronger dominant body message, I instantaneously feel much better and have a more positive outlook towards life.

Stay Active

To build off from body language – when I am in bed all day I certainly feel like shit. As soon as I get up and just start moving, I feel a buzz of optimism. I have noticed that when I feel most optimistic about life is when I hit the gym. At some point during my workout, I begin planning out the rest of my life. The endorphins kick in and the feeling of confidence flows in naturally because of the inherent benefits that come with working out.

Staying active also keeps your mind off of negativity. You get lost in the physical output. Even making breakfast, cleaning your yard, or just walking around the block and staying minimally active helps you immensely with clearing your head of negativity.

You have to stay busy. Staying active doesn’t just mean working out. It means blogging, driving to the store, going to your church/synagogue/mosque, or anything else where you simply move with a purpose. Depression and negativity creep up on you when you are living a sedated lifestyle. If you are constantly running, hustling, and living, you won’t even have the time to be all mopey.

Meditate Daily

Here is something most people don’t know about when it comes to meditation – it helps you give zero f*cks about nonsense that pops up in life. When you meditate, overtime you create this shell and barrier that stops negativity from penetrating your life.

The easiest way to meditate is to sit comfortably in a quiet room and not move for a while. Just stare at one thing and gradually let your mind be clear of all thoughts. Someway somehow, this makes you mentally stronger. You start to become immune to the toxicity in your life.

I never considered meditation to help with anything until I actually started practicing it. Give it a shot. Allocate time this week to have five 20-minute sessions where you simply sit, do nothing, and think nothing. I am certain you will feel a change even within such a short period of time.

Finish 1 Self Help Book a Month

How does one keep their body healthy? They have to constantly consume healthy food and get enough sleep. How does one keep their muscles toned and strong? They have to consistently work them out and hit the gym. So how would a person keep their mind right and free from negative thoughts? Mental exercise is needed. The recommended regiment aside from meditation is a curriculum focused on self-help. Constantly reading on how to be mentally strong and positive will manifest into reality.

Seek out a mentor

Whatever you are dealing with, someone has already been there before you. Whether you are starting a new business or buying a home, its easier to do it with another person than by yourself. Find yourself a mentor who will have a positive influence on you.

A sense of isolation makes negative thoughts pierce through your defenses easier. With a mentor, having another person readily available to speak with you will inherently give you a better sense of resiliency.


Let’s summarize the 10 ways to get red of negative thoughts:

Exercise by going to the gym or simply working out at home.

• Go vegan because food as a dramatic effect on our moods. A clean plant-based vegan diet has helped me fend off negative thoughts.

• Accomplish 1 important thing a day. In a month, you will complete 30 important goals.

• Get out of toxic relationships. Negative people and their bad vibes are contagious.

• Get rid of social media. It stirs nothing but jealousy and envy.

• Change your body language. When you look confident, you feel confident.

• Stay active and do something. Go to the post office, clean your yard, or do anything. It keeps your mind off of negativity.

• Meditate daily. It is a mental exercise that helps you give less of a shit about nonsense.

• Read 1 self-help book a month. You need a constant curriculum to keep you positive and focused.

• Seek out a mentor. You don’t have to deal with life’s challenges alone. Someone has already been through what your going through. Having another person to speak to will help you immensely.

And there you have it. Try out any of these tips to help you get rid of negative thoughts.

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  1. Audrey November 29, 2019 at 9:57 pm

    I love this article all of the things you mentioned help build discipline for a positive mindset.
    If I were to add anything else that has helped me, It would be to get to the root of the problem, deal with those uncomfortable feelings by journaling, joining group therapy, and get spontaneous do something out of the normal routine and create some new neural networks in the brain.

    1. garry December 8, 2019 at 4:09 pm

      Hi Audrey! Thank you for the comment. Those are definitely good suggestions- especially doing something spontaneous. It’s always good to shock the system 🙂


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