The Vegan Mindset is blog dedicated to three concepts:

  • Living life as a vegan
  • Focusing on personal development so you can get ahead in life
  • Adding wellness to your daily regiment

How do we go about giving you the best content possible? We do extensive research on everything we discuss. Some of our favorite experts that we repeatedly source in our posts are Dr. Michael Gregor from and Dr. Neal Barnard.

When it comes to personal development, all of our material is a rehash of advice from some of the greats like Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill. Their core principles of improving your life are sprinkled all throughout our site.


Who am I?


I’m Garry and I founded The Vegan Mindset.

I have been an avid reader of personal development books over the years. I have also been a vegan for well over three years.

I decided to create this website to teach people about specific techniques to improve your life that I learned from my self-improvement journey. One of the biggest contributors to my overall happiness in life was going vegan. This blog is a conduit to sharing my positive experiences with my readers.

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