How To Control Your Meat and Dairy Addiction

The meat and dairy you’ve been eating your whole life does not only taste good, but it’s made to be addictive (through aggressive marketing and additives). I am a full blown vegan but I would be lying to you if I said buffalo wings and lobsters tasted bad. They didn’t. Turkish cuisine was my favorite genre of food before going vegan. I will be the first person on line the day a solid vegan shish-kebab restaurant opens up.

As you transition into veganism, your body craves the food you are trying to leave behind. Dairy and meat are hard items to give up. It took me about two years to fully commit into a plant-based diet. I have figured out two ways to ensure you will stay on the righteous path of veganism. These two strategies have worked exceptionally for me.

Remember Why You Went Vegan

You’ve been staring at an excel spreadsheet for four hours. It’s finally lunch time. You know you have to eat that salad. It’s good for you. It’s good for the world. It’s good for innocent animals. But something happens at 12:00pm. The voice in your head tells you to ignore all things rational and go for that cheese burger one last time. We have all been there where we succumbed to this inner meat-lobbyist.

A powerful method of silencing your inner lobbyist is by remembering why you do what you do. Have a graphic video on standby. My sympathy is most high when I see what happens to pigs and cows in slaughterhouses. Watch a PETA video detailing the horrors that these animals go through. If you are craving a poultry dish, watch what happens to chickens. The same way picturing your mother-in-law nude is a libido killer, a PETA video can be a meat-craving annihilator.

As the famous saying goes, “facts don’t care about your feelings”. Have your top vegan facts handy to remind you why you’ve taken on the plant-based lifestyle. As an example, suppose you are really in the mood for an omelette. It’s funny how most non-vegans find eggs to be the most politically correct food item out there. Non-vegans can kind of understand why you don’t eat pigs and cows, but eggs? It seems so harmless. I hope they are about to read the following statement. Here is why eggs are just as bad as anything else. Remember the following if you are dying for a scrambled egg:

Egg Facts
A hen can produce about 13 eggs per year. The eggs people buy at stores including the ones used to make that omelet you are dreaming about did not come from a hen who produced their usual dozen or so eggs within a twelve month period. The animal agriculture industry has forced these hens to instead lay out 130 eggs per year. That is 10 times their normal capacity. Picture a human woman. On average, they can give birth to 1 child per year. Birth is an excruciating experience. Imagine we’ve now forced them to produce 10 children per year. That is ten times the pain and anguish. This is what we are doing to hens. This is what you support when you order an omelet.

Having facts like these handy will dissuade you from ever going back to any animal product.


I never once took a meditation course. I have never read any meditation books. I simply read one short paragraph on a random blog that was not even about the topic of meditation. The blogger did briefly discuss the most basic form of meditation. It went something like this.

Quick Meditation
Get into a comfortable and upright position. Either stare at one object or close your eyes. Begin taking deep breaths and let the thoughts rushing into your mind slowly pass. Do not force any thinking. As you breath deeply, begin to organically feel the air exiting and entering your lungs and nostrils. Feel the temperature on your skin. Appreciate the touch of fabric on your legs and arms that is your clothing. Once you begin to focus on the moment in which you are in, your mind will clear out. You might be hungry, but you will only feel this hunger from a third-person point of view. You will appreciate the hunger but you will slowly begin to lose your impulse to satiate your hunger. 

Do exactly as mentioned above when your body starts telling you that you must eat bacon or drink milk or go for that slice of cheese. This has always worked for me. I naturally have an addictive personality and never believed the meditation hype. When I just stopped moving and started breathing while living in the moment, my impulses stop dictating my habits. This stuff works. Try it out now for 5 minutes.

Be Aware

Your desire to break your vegan streak is nothing more than a irrational manic-like reaction. As long as you are aware of your impulses and understand the moment in which you are in when faced with this bodily challenge, you will have the upper-hand against your inner meat-lobbyist.

It is important to have self-awareness. When you are in the know that you are thinking with your stomach instead of your mind, control is easy. The moment you forget about the sentient beings you spare by eating kale instead of ice cream, the battle is over. Stay in a constant state of reality about the horrors of the animal agriculture industry. By doing so you will surely have enough will-power to say no the depravity found in your local butcher shop.

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