How to Use Google’s Algorithm to Improve Your Personal Life

Information has been monopolized by Alphabet Inc. aka Google. We use Google for entertainment, as a beacon of advice when we have questions, and as our digital pocket knife for when we are in need of the most obscure necessities. An entire industry exists in order to “hack” Google. By “hack” I mean figuring out why certain websites rank higher over others in Google’s search results. This science is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The truth is there is no actual hacking because Google let’s the public know what exactly needs to be done in order for your website or brand to pop up on the first page of their organic search results. This is a subject I am fairly familiar with because I am my wife’s trusty SEO consultant for her law firm’s website. I have been studying and practicing SEO for almost five years.

I can’t say I am an expert like Neil Patel or Brian Dean, two influencers in the industry, but I have seen real results materialize by applying the principles Google set forth to the public on how to garner search traffic.

I recently started my own wellness and vegan blog ( Any and all traffic will be dependent on appearing organically in Google’s search results. That means SEO is at the forefront of my content strategy. As I was brainstorming on what my next blog post should be about, I had an epiphany.

If you apply Google’s Algorithm to your personal life, the quality of your experiences on this planet will improve drastically.

This sounds like a stretch but when you begin to examine the most important principles that Google looks for when ranking a site, these same principles when implemented in your personal life can have proud effects on your self-esteem, your relationships with people, and your career.

Let’s first examine what Google looks for when ranking a website.

The Basic Principles of SEO

The Basic Principles of SEO

I’ve seen in many digital marketing websites mention how there are over 200 factors that are taken into account by Google before they decide which websites should be positioned in their search results. Three factors, however, carry the most weight.

The three most important principles in SEO are Content, Backlinks, and Website Structure.


Content is simply the information you put out on your website. This can be in the form of videos, photos, or words. The written word is the avenue most websites choose to go with because an article containing 10,000 words has literally 10,000 possible keywords that Google can latch onto in order to rank that particular post for a query. A website with 10 words of content will typically not outcompete a website with 100,000 words. Granted, the content has to make sense, read will, and be relevant to the site, but generally more information equals more love from Google.


Backlinks are links on a webpage that points to your website. If Google sees that The New York Times is linking to your website, they will assume NYT vetted your content and page and made a determination that whatever information you put out was valuable. The more backlinks from high quality websites you have, the better.

Website Structure

Website structure is a combination of making sure your websites runs quickly, is user-friendly, can be navigated through easily, and has clean code set in place so Google can scan through it and decide if the information on your website is relevant for a specific search query.

SEO for People

Now that we know what the three main components of SEO are, we begin to notice how they can be utilized as foundational factors in improving our own lives.

How Content Applies in Life

Content is the information on your website. From an interpersonal perspective, human content is as follows:

  • Content is the words coming out of your mouth.
  • Content is the photos you put up on Instagram.
  • Content is the posts you publish on Facebook.
  • Content is the responses you give to people during conversations.

If your content is shit, your popularity is shit.

For Google, the higher quality your content is, the more search traffic you get. From the vantage point of life, the more intelligible and likable you are, the more “people traffic” you will get.  By “people traffic”, I mean friendship, business, and attention from the opposite/same sex.

Backlinks are Referrals

Backlinks are links pointing to my website. This is all about reputation. This is when people vouch for you. Life’s backlink is when I send you a referral for your business or mention you in a conversation with a woman who may find you appealing. It’s when we create social links with one another.

Website Structure When It Comes To Appearances

Website structure is the presentability of your website. Our “website structure”  is our aesthetic presentability. Do you smell good? Are you dressed appropriately? Do you take care of your body by exercising?

Mastering Content

You don’t have to know much to be likeable. Interpersonal skills aren’t set on a foundation of always agreeing with people and throwing out random facts you read in a recent book. It is actually much more organic than that. The most common skills you should have are:

  • Diplomacy
  • Mediation
  • Patience
  • Adaptability
  • Empathy
  • Conflict resolution
  • Active listening

None of these items actually require you to know much. The main skill that has to do with all of these interpersonal skills is self-awareness. It’s like chess. You need to know what your next move will be during a conversation. That sounds far from organic and natural but overtime, the appropriate reaction that you need to convey will come off with ease.

Mastering Life’s Backlinks

Credibility to your name starts with a skill. Whether your skill or niche is learned in college or through self-taught methods is up to you. But having a skill is a must. Why would I link out to a website that offers nothing significant? Similarly, why would I refer you an opportunity when you are talentless? To become a real-life backlink machine, you should do the following;

  • Get a decent degree
  • Intern as much as possible in your field
  • Put in at least 100 hours into a craft such as content writing, online marketing, personal training or any other area that can be self-taught
  • Promote yourself tastefully on social media so people are aware of your talent
  • Build a top-notch Instagram and Facebook business page

You are essentially putting yourself on the map. If you expose yourself enough as say a real estate agent, your immediate circle of acquaintances will automatically remember you if someone they know ever needs real estate services. I am a personal advocate of cheap and effective education. Check out my guide on How To Get Ahead in Life where I go into detail about my position on education.

Mastering Your Website Structure

Appearances matter. That is simply the reality. No one is saying you need chiseled abs but there should be a minimal standard of aesthetic beauty when it comes to how the outside world perceives you. Even if you aren’t skinny, there are ways to carry that weight well. Some people are born with confidence. Most of us are not those people. But fear not for confidence can be acquired by simply putting on the right fitted clothing. Do the following to make your life’s website structure good enough to attract traffic from our everyday interactions:

  • Invest into tailoring some of your clothing
  • If you are a heavy set, buy vertical striped clothing to thin you out
  • Go vegan (switching to a plant-based diet sheds off unnecessary layers of excess fat that your body carries. I already wrote a guide on how to go vegan for your convenience)
  • Try to do some kind of exercise routine three times a week whether it is jogging, a long walk, or weight lifting
  • Stick with timeless clothing that will last you through the years. Denim jackets, button shirts, and plain hoodies will never go out of style

There are a ton of ways to look phenomenal even if you lack the perfect body or an unlimited budget. Keep in mind it takes months and years to build up a great wardrobe. If you invest into purchasing one new pair of pants and two shirts a month, within one year, you have a closet with a dozen great fitting jeans and two dozen dress shirts. Rome wasn’t built overnight. Keep that motto in mind.


When we understand the basic concepts of Google’s algorithm, their application to our everyday lives can make a huge impact on our relationships with the outside world.

It’s obvious sticking to the basics brings out the best results. Gain a talent, think before you speak, and put effort into your appearance – If you do these three foundational things, your popularity and social credit will skyrocket.

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