The Truth About Vegan Men – Everything You Need To Know

The truth about vegan men is hard to sift through when you listen to all of the talking heads defaming our good names. There is endless misinformation about veganism and vegan men in particular. Are we protein and nutrient deficient weaklings? Are vegan men physically frail and allergic to the gym? Is our testosterone lower than that of our meat-eating counterparts? The answer to all of these questions is a definite no. I am going to go over many of the myths about vegan men. Additionally, I will talk about many notable vegan men that every guy I know would kill to be as well as a ton of other information.

Look at this as your complete guide to all things dealing with vegan men. Here is what we will discuss in this blog post:

  • Vegan Men and Protein
  • Vegan Men and Nutrient Deficiencies
  • The Top 4 Health Benefits I Experienced When I Went Vegan
  • Two Recommended Books If You Want To Be a Well-rounded Vegan Man
  • My Top 3 Vegan Male Athletes

Let’s begin!

Vegan Men and Protein

Are vegan men getting enough protein? The assumption is due to a lack in eggs, meat, dairy, and poultry in a vegan man’s diet, our protein intake must be low.

I am going to present to you scientific evidence that this is factually false. I will also demonstrate that not only do vegan men get enough protein, but because of our diets, we get a healthy optimal amount.

DRI Calculator for Protein

I am not doctor so whenever I do discuss anything about health, I always have to defer to the medical research that I come across.

One notable doctor who is a huge voice when it comes to protein is Dr. Garth Davis. Before we get into what Dr. Davis has to say, let’s see what the U.S. Government thinks about protein.

The United States Department of Agriculture has a DRI Calculator. DRI means Dietary Reference Intake.

This tool lets you figure out how much protein you need based on your sex, height, weight, age, and activity level.

Let’s assume the following: you are male, 30 years of age, 180 pounds, 5”8 in height, and very active.

Here are the results:

DRI Calculator for Protein

As shown in the chart above, you need about 65 grams of protein. This is a really easy number to get on a vegan diet.

Where To Get Vegan Protein

Now that we know our daily need for protein is 65 grams, where will it come from? There are three staples I always go to. Oatmeal, beans, bread, and lentils.

With 2 cups of oatmeal in your breakfast, you will get 12 grams of protein.

Ezekiel bread is my go to snack when I am really hungry. It fills you up fast. Two slices puts you at 8 grams of protein.

Beans are another amazing source for protein. 1 cup will give you 14 grams of protein.

Another excellent source for protein is lentils. 1 cup of lentils amounts to 18 grams of protein.

We are looking at 52 grams of protein in total. Add in two table spoons of peanut butter (8 grams of protein) with your Ezekiel bread and you’re at 60 grams.

That last 5 grams will naturally come from all of the vegetables, fruits, and plant-based milks you consume during the day. You will be well over the recommended 65-gram mark.

Remember, 65 grams is for a very active 30-year-old. The less active you are, the less protein you need.

Dr. Garth Davis on Protein

Dr. Davis has a great book out now called Proteinaholic. You can buy it now on amazon by clicking on the title cover below:

The three biggest points he makes in his book are:

  • Protein is a huge factor when it comes to America’s obesity epidemic.
  • Protein that is sourced from animals is associated with all types of illnesses that we suffer from such as cancer and diabetes.
  • Carbohydrates are our friends. Some of the most healthiest cultures on earth mainly have diets consisting of carbohydrates, not protein.

Instead of speaking on his behalf and botching his messaging, here is a great video of him discussing the topic that is protein:

Vegan Men and Nutrient Deficiencies  

Do you know who has nutrient deficiencies? Everyone. Regardless if you are a vegan or a typical meat eater, you may be deficient in some nutrients and minerals.

Why? People simply do not have a balanced diet. The only way to get all of your daily nutrient requirements is by having a healthy balanced diet.

Here is a great scientific review on the effects of vegan nutrition.

To summarize it – a vegan diet reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. The study did state vegans tend to deal with deficiencies in vitamins like B12.

Is it the end of the world? No. Let’s look at some of the biggest deficiencies a vegan diet may have and how to easily correct it.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is odd. Your body can actually recirculate it over many years. But we like to keep it safe.

Take a B12 supplement either on a daily or weekly basis.

Just so you know, even meat eaters can be deficient in B12. The good thing about this vitamin is that it is water soluble which means if you have too much of it, you will simply urinate it out.


This fatty-acid mainly comes from fish. The reason it comes from fish is because of the algae they eat in the ocean.

Since vegans do not eat fish, we simply cut the middle-man out and go directly for the algae based fatty-acid by supplementing with an Omega-3 capsule.

If you don’t want to supplement, simply eat some ground flaxseeds. That’s what I do. I throw in two tablespoons of ground flaxseed into my smoothie everyday.


People believe iron only comes from red meat which is false.

To hit your daily requirement of iron as a vegan, all you have to do is eat 1 cup of spinach (80% of your daily iron requirement) along with half a cup of black beans (25% of your daily iron requirement) and you are done.

When it comes to nutrient deficiencies, the best authority on this topic would have to be Dr. Michael Gregor. I urge you to check out his website :

This constant attack on vegans as being deficient in essential vitamins and minerals is nothing more than an orchestrated smear that is constantly pushed by people in denial of the virtues of veganism.

As long as you make a commitment to eating a balanced diet and supplement when warranted, you will be perfectly fine.

The Top 4 Health Benefits I Experienced When I Went Vegan

Going vegan has tremendous perks both physically and mentally. I want to go over the top 4 benefits I personally noticed when I went fully vegan. Be mindful this was my own experience. The results that I saw after visiting my primary healthcare provider were mine alone.

Drop in high blood sugar

I was eating a ton of protein for most of my life. In my late-twenties, my doctor had told me I had abnormally high blood sugar for my age and activity level. When I stuck to a plant-based diet, my high blood sugar was no more. Animal fats tend to block the receptors that are able to process sugar in your blood stream. People don’t just get diabetes because they eat too much sugar. They get it because of all the animal fats they consume which makes it hard for your body to process the sugar.

Drop in cholesterol

There is good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL) . The good cholesterol is naturally occurring. Your body can produce it. The bad cholesterol comes directly from saturated fat that’s sourced from animal products. I saw my LDL cholesterol drop significantly once I went vegan.

More energy

Prior to being vegan, I would consume 3 cups of coffee a day. As soon as I purged all animal products from my diet and focused on eating plant-based food only, I could go throughout the entire day without consuming any coffee whatsoever. If I do have coffee now, its simply for the taste. In addition to the coffee-less lifestyle, I felt more clarity in my thinking. As esoteric as that may seem, I felt sharper within a few weeks. How did I know I was feeling sharper? At one point, I relapsed and had a big meaty sandwich. Right away, the old feeling of sluggishness (both physical and mental) rushed in like a wave. And it wasn’t the carbs since I was eating a ton as a vegan. I knew it was the animal fats that were the problem.

Weight loss without trying

I used to be a big gym fanatic. Due to my busy schedule while going vegan, there was no time to ever work out. Somehow someway the weight loss creeped in. When I saw a photo of myself at my wedding from 2 years ago, I realized something – my double chin disappeared. Also, my gut hanging over my belt vanished. You will experience a very sustainable and healthy drop in body fat when you subscribe to a plant-based diet. When you throw in actual exercise to the mix, the process of looking good is obviously sped up. Speaking of weight loss, you might like my other blog post on easy tips to losing weight as a vegan.

Two Recommended Books If You Want To Be a Well-rounded Vegan Man

I have read a ton of literature on the subject of veganism. Some people love cook books but I personally am not a fan. Every possible recipe for any dish exists on YouTube. Also, I am one lazy vegan and I found that many of these cook books have some of the most complicated steps involved with exotic ingredients that you can’t really find at your basic supermarket.

What’s important to remember as a vegan man is why you are doing one of the hardest shifts in life – and that is breaking your meat and dairy addiction.

No only is it for your health but more importantly its for the animals. Here are two books I think every man should have in their library.

Meat Is for Pussies: A How-to Guide for Dudes Who Want to Get Fit, Kick Ass, and Take Names by John Joseph

The cursing and “bro” tone in this book was a bit too much for me, but triathlete John Joseph brings out some valuable points about the meat industry and along with practical advice on what to buy at the supermarket. Because of this book, I know who The Monsanto Company is, to always look for the number “9” on labels for organic produce, and to put tumeric in pretty much everything I eat.

Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism by Melanie Joy, PHD.

This was the first animal-welfare book I read in my life. I randomly picked it up at Barnes & Noble. This was easily the only time in my life where a random purchase at a book store resulted in a life changing experience.

The verbal imagery in this book is powerful and disturbing. Not only will you not want to eat animal products again, but you will want to avoid wearing an animal skin for the rest of your life. This book delves into the psychology of our consumer habits. This book is a must in your vegan library.

Why some men go vegan can be attributed to health or ethics. John Joseph does a great job when it comes to talking about the physiological effects of meat consumption as well the corruption associated with the pharmaceutical industries. Melanie Joy, PHD delivers profound insight on our interactions with our  food and our pets. Her groundbreaking insight that clearly comes from an ethical standpoint will have long lasting effects on your psyche. My compassion for animals increased substantially after reading her book.

My Top 3 Vegan Male Athletes

Before we conclude, let’s take a look at some of the top male vegan athletes in the world. The truth about vegan men is this – we are diverse in personality, physical ability, and character. But to bring the point home – we are far from flimsy weaklings. Here are 3 vegan male athletes who you probably never want to approach in a dark alley while drunk.

Patrik Baboumian

Patrik Baboumian

Patrik Baboumian is a strongman athlete who has won over a dozen awards and medals in the span of his 20+ year career. He has been a vegan since 2011. He has won 4 world records since being a vegan.

Here here is squatting 815 pounds as a vegan –


Nate Diaz 

nate diaz vegan

A vegan since 18 years old, Nate is a UFC fighter and one of the few people who beat Conor McGregor. He is currently rated as #6 in the UFC welterweight rankings.

Kyrie Irving

kyrie irving vegan

Since I am a Brooklyn Nets fan, I had to feature our new star Kyrie Irving on this short list. After watching “What The Health” on netflix, Kyrie deciding to go vegan. He is now a Beyond Meat brand ambassador.


And there you have it – the truth about vegan men is much more complex than what many would have you believe. Let’s quickly go over what we covered in this blog post.

  1. There is no protein deficiency with vegan men. Using the DRI Calculator, you can easily get the required daily protein requirement through plant-based sources.
  2. Vegan protein can be easily found in beans, lentils, and whole grains.
  3. Anyone can be deficient in nutrients if you do not have a well balanced diet. Plant-based foods offer more than enough in macro and micro-nutrients to ensure that you are getting all of vitamins and minerals you need on a daily basis.
  4. There are a ton of benefits men can experience when going vegan. I personally saw a drop in bad cholesterol, more energy, and more fat loss.
  5. Two books I have to recommend to all men is Meat is for Pussies and Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism
  6. Veganism is hitting new strides every year. There are now successful powerlifters, NBA superstars, and MMA fighters who are subscribing to plant-based diets.

I hope you enjoyed reading the truth about vegan men! Feel free to check out similar blog posts like:

Thanks for reading!

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