The Vegan Mindset Presents: Basic Invite – A Unique Wedding Invitation Service

Making Wedding Invitations Easy

Basic Invite Helps Design Your Wedding Invitations Online and Offers Free Unique Wedding Websites

The Vegan Mindset focuses on several key topics that are designed to better your life and make things easier. We examine aspects of veganism, personal development, and keeping life as minimal and easy as possible. When we were approached by Basic Invite, we recognized this was a brand that encompasses several areas our blog adheres too: a path to ease, vegan options, and simplicity.

If you are planning to have a wedding and want a great platform and tool to simplify the invitation process, with Basic Invite, you can design your wedding invitations online. In addition to that, Basic Invite does something which I never heard of before and that is setting up a free unique wedding website. Although I am married and probably won’t need wedding invitations again, I would like to ask my readers who are in the market for wedding invitations to give this awesome company a look.

I had a chance to speak with the founder and here are some solid reasons why you should check out

Almost Unlimited Customization

You have countless options and instant previews available to you. There are over 180 different colors to choose from for your wedding card invites. You can even get a custom sample to decide if you are ready to commit. There are well over 900 wedding invitation sets. This includes wedding menus, wedding programs, and matching thank you cards.

Unique Wedding Websites

You can have an awesome wedding website for your guests to visit. It will have images, a map to your wedding venue, and a place to post all of your wedding pictures. Wedding albums has become an outdated concept. Be forward thinking and get yourself a wedding website!

Seal & Send Wedding Invite

Convenience is key. A wedding is one of the most stressful events you will ever throw. Make the invite process as smooth as possible. Basic Invite offers 30 designs that are all-in-one invitations with a tear-off RSVP postcard. By including the guest’s address on the front of each invitation, no envelope is necessary. Simple and easy.

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This post was sponsored by Basic Invite.

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