What’s It Like Being a Vegan Man

The Masculinity Lie

The propaganda campaign is real. To be a genuine man per mainstream media, you’ve got to eat steak, wear aged leather, crave your downtime on the weekend in order to grill a slab of meat, and perform countless other activities that are all equally exploitative of animals.

Don’t even consider having a kale smoothie for breakfast. You need to eat three eggs with the yoke. If you happen to be progressive, you’ve got permission to eat free-range turkey bacon instead of standard bacon. Putting on muscle? You need whey protein (milk derivative). You also need supplements coated in pig fat (gelatin).

It seems to me that the definition of being a man when you allow yourself to be taken over by the industrialized-animal-agricultural-grid is just another unending pattern of consumerism and consumption. Your spending habits do not define you. Your possessions are not an extension of you. Paging Tyler Durden. The merch that marketing campaigns make you buy have nothing to do with the definition of being a man.

The Vegan Man

There is subjectivity to the concept of “being a man”.  I define it as such:

Manliness is a collage of discipline, proactive action, a need to continuously better your character, constantly plan for the future, show compassion when you are in a rage, display patience when you are in a hurry, and think when most would act out of ignorance.

Nothing in my definition has anything to do with eating a dead animal. None of these traits have anything to do with assisting companies in growing a wider profit margin by piling on to the torture of defenseless sentient beings.

The notion of being a vegan man was never examined. Most people assumed vegan men have long unwashed dreads and carry themselves in clothing made of hemp. Once you begin to adapt a plant-based lifestyle, you become exposed to the community of men within the movement.

I am certain most of us would not mind being the following vegans:


vegan morrissey

Steven Patrick Morrissey, the Englishman front man of The Smiths, has been a vegan since 2015. He was a vegetarian starting at age 11. During Riot Fest, a punk-music festival, Morrissey demanded the venue be meat free. Here is a talented musician who is a fashion icon creating awareness to our devastating eating habits. “I refuse to eat anything that had a mother…” is one of his many priceless quotes. Personally, I refuse to eat anything that has a face.

Vegan Gains

vegan gains

Richard Burgess aka Vegan Gains, is a notable YouTube personality whose channel focuses on men’s fitness. His notoriety grew when he started a series called “Worst of the fitness industry” where he would critique the physiques and lifestyles of notable fitness gurus and more importantly call out their eating habits. Their meals centered around the exploitation of animals. His style may not be for everyone since he is contentious in his approach but it is hard to deny his fact-based critique and his overall enthusiasm to protect innocent beings.

John Joseph

john joseph

John Joseph is the front man of the Cro-Mags, a vegan triathlete, author of Meat is for Pussies, and a content creator that produces some of the best vegan cooking videos on YouTube. His New York accent, tough upbringing, and athleticism is a good example of just how manly you can be as a vegan. From serving time to now competing in triathlons, John embodies the zen-like balance of masculinity and veganism.

Redefining Vegan Masculinity

These men are redefining what it means to be a plant-based man. You do not need to wear or consume dead body parts in order to appease the messaging of advertisers. Going from a meat eater to a vegan is a slow transition. Personally, I enjoyed wearing Red Wing Boots, parkas, and watches. Not much has changed since going vegan. My shoes are now made by Matt and Nat, my parka is manufactured by Save the Duck, and my watches are either made of stainless steel or are accompanied with a vegan strap.

What’s it truly like being a vegan man? You are less drowsy all of the time, have more energy, and naturally lose excess fat that your body was carrying for no reason. Your skin clears up and nothing with a face died a brutal death to satiate your eatings habits. Your LDL cholesterol is non-existent. The probability of you having heart disease or diabetes drops significantly. If you are single, you stand out in the crowd. If you’re married, your wife will be glad you’ve taken the initiative to take care of yourself.

Start redefining the concept of being a man and begin taking the plunge into a plant-based lifestyle.

Where To Start

How do you even begin your journey into veganism as a man? Two good places to start begin with a couple of blog posts which we have already produced.

Check out our guide on How To Become Vegan: A Guide for Beginners. We discuss the following in that blog post:

  • The benefits of becoming a vegan
  • The many ethical reasons of why people should switch to a plant-based diet
  • The documentaries that you must see to educate yourself on the topic
  • The right appliances to own to make your transition really easy
  • Effective strategies of staying vegan long-term.

Becoming a vegan man is not something that happens overnight. It took me about two years to fully purge all animal products from my diet. Remember, animal products are highly addictive and highly marketed. Don’t be discouraged if you fail to go vegan even within the first year of your journey.

Another blog post you should check out is How To Control Your Meat and Dairy Addiction. It’s a good post to read through when you begin your transition into cutting animal products from your eating regiment. Veganism, especially in the beginning, is like trying to build muscle. It’s something you have to constantly work on and build discipline for.

If you have any questions or need advice, feel free to contact us at theveganmindsetblog@gmail.com. The vegan community is supportive of people trying to live a more a ethical life. You can reach out to us at anytime and we will happily respond to your inquiries.

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