Why I am Boycotting Ben and Jerry’s Vegan Ice Cream

The Hypocrisy of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, the woke duo out in South Burlington, Vermont who founded Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, are champions of social justice. Head over to their website and they will virtue signal on how they are pro-democracy, pro-racial justice, all about LGBT equality, and everything else under the sun. These are all good causes. The problem is this – they are massive hypocrites.

Dairy cows are raped. This is a fact. In order for a female cow to produce milk, she must give birth. Since time is money, farmers don’t sit around waiting for their animals to naturally mate. Instead, cows are forcibly artificially inseminated with large syringes filled with sperm. Dairy cows are exploited day in and day out. After giving birth, they are milked for about ten months and then inseminated again – the cycle is continuous. When their body gives out and can no longer yield a profit, they are shipped to slaughterhouses.

A Calf and It’s Mother

Calves are taken away from their mothers within 24 hours of birth. Cows are sentient beings, have motherly instincts, and generally understand that they have just given birth to their child. Enormous distress is caused to the mother with this occurrence.

The following clip is a mother cow chasing her calf on his way to the slaughterhouse:

You can see the desperation in her body language. This type of anguish that dairy cows endure happens over and over again when they are part of the slave labor trade that is the dairy industry. This is only the beginning for the already brutalized mother cow. After losing her calf, she is then forcibly hooked to a milking machine and drained. This milk belongs to her offspring, not in your cereal bowl.

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield willingly contribute to this practice on a daily basis. They are neither woke nor humanitarian. Their venture into the vegan market is nothing but GREED. They need to make sure they profit off everyone. If anything, the plant-based market is a blessing to them.  For some time, they enjoyed being the only well-known brand on the market targeting vegans with their lineup of almond milk ice cream. Haagen Dazs was slow to jump on this ship.

Dairy cows are pumped with growth hormones and other pharmaceuticals to ensure they produce as much milk as possible. The more milk they produce equals more money in Ben and Jerry’s bank accounts.

Cows are compassionate creatures who just like the rest of us simply want to be left alone. Ben and Jerry’s business model is centered around the limitless exploitation of these animals. Here is another clip showing the level of intellect and concern these cows have for their young:

Climate Change & Social Justice

The animal farming industry is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. Ben and Jerry have a whole section on their website dedicated to “Climate Justice”. Here are some of their helpful tips as self-appointed social justice ambassadors:

  • Avoid fossil fuels.
  • Work with developing countries to develop renewable energy.
  • Use more renewable energy.
  • …And a whole bunch of other garbage which will have virtually zero impact on the climate.

You know who the real culprits are that put a hamper on climate justice? Why it’s Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream of course. You see, when you sell approximately 86,000,000 containers of ice cream per year,  the damage you are causing to the environment is tremendous.

Check out this great 5 minute video on just how bad the beef and dairy industry are for the climate:

There is nothing democratic about using and abusing the voiceless. They say they are pro-racial justice, but if you are the wrong species, they could care less. I assume they are feminists as well. If you are a woman, perhaps you are safe around them. But fuck animals. Their profit and revenue comes first before morality and animal rights.

You have to be a real sociopath to claim you are woke and all for social equality while destroying the environment and savaging innocent beings who are as smart and playful as your pet dogs.

Where The Money Goes

I refuse to give this company a penny. Even if they do sell vegan ice cream, who is the say for every dollar I give them, it doesn’t contribute to the ongoing slavery of their dairy cows?  Tyson Foods is the second largest processor of meat and poultry. As a vegan, will you give them any of your money if they decided to produce vegan meat? I would imagine the answer is no. Ben and Jerry’s should get the same treatment. There are plenty of brands out there that have been vegan since inception. We should be supporting them and not well established exploiters of animals.

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