Why Men Should Care About Watches

Because this is loosely a men’s blog, there is something we need to address. This touches a bit on the topics of wellness and self-help since it plays a role in both categories. What I want to talk about today is watches. I am a firm believer that the first big purchase you need to make as a man is a decent watch. Far too often I see hideous watches on the wrists of men on subways and streets. Before I get into the nitty gritty, let’s understand what this has to do with the two categories of wellness and self-help.

Watches and Wellness

Wellness is about an overall state of good mental, emotional, and physical health. What does a metallic widget that sits on your wrist telling time have anything to do with wellness? Simple. If you have a timeless watch on, one that is loved by the critics, adored by you, and purchased because of a meaningful moment, you will undoubtedly feel good when you wear it. Your mental and emotional condition will improve when you are the owner of something that is highly respectable.

If you can make a connection with your watch, and I will explain how to do that, it becomes your daily companion. It’s there with you on your wedding day, at the closing table of your first home purchase, and all other milestones you can think of. It’s an instant self-gratification tool that is owned by you and can be passed down to your heirs.

Watches and Self-help

Self-help is a category in which we discuss building your character, attracting a suitable partner, and getting ahead in your career. Let’s focus on the two latter points. If you have a really ugly, tacky, loud watch, this says a lot about your personality. As someone who occasionally has to employ people, when I see someone wearing a 48mm watch that is gold-plated and atrocious, I right away assume you have zero self-awareness. This is obviously very judgmental on my part but that’s the kind of world we live in, especially when it comes to a decision in which you are hiring someone to represent you and your brand.

From the vantage point of attracting a partner, physical appearances matter. The right watch will add the perfect balance to your look. If the person you are trying to attract has some knowledge about watches, then having the right time piece is all the more crucial. Your watch will send out a signal letting others know a story. The watch works as a microcosm of your personality and is a clear indicator of what your approach to life is.

Appreciating a Watch

A watch is not simply something that tells you the time. Aside from all of the different complications watches can come with such as a date or GMT function, it is much more than that.

I view a timepiece as a complex piece of architecture that follows you around all day. It is an item that comes from decades and even centuries old heritage with a historical backstory. It is not often that you can walk around with a piece of art on your wrist that also comes with a practical use. There aren’t many items out there that do that. With a solid watch and proper servicing, this accessory will last you a lifetime.

What Watch To Get

Never settle when it comes to a watch. Although there are many great brands out there on the lower price point such as Seiko and Hamilton, go big. Target Rolex and Omega. These are two highly respectable watch brands with a substantial history, well made watches that will last you forever, and highly recognizable by both the plebs and elites.

If purchasing a Rolex or Omega watch will require you to save for 2-3 years, so be it. It is well worth the wait and will cause you to love your watch even more so knowing you grinded it out to acquire that perfect symbol of hard work.

Simple colors with pragmatic designs is where it’s at. With Omega, go with the Speedmaster or Seamaster. With Rolex, go with the Oyster Perpetual or Datejust.

watches to own
Rolex Datejust, Omega Speedmaster Professional, Omega Seamaster, Rolex Oyster Perpetual

What do all of these watches have in common? Their versatility. They can all be worn everyday to the office, during the weekend at the movies, or with a suit. This is a key point. You have to make sure your watch can be worn on essentially any occasion. The above models all make the perfect 1 watch collection. The preowned market will give you a price range from $2,600-$6,500 for the mentioned timepieces.

Making a Connection  

As you can tell, I am quite gung-ho about watches. Below is a photo of my personal timepiece. It’s a Rolex Submariner. Why is this watch so important to me? It was purchased at a time where my wife and I hit a point in our careers and lives where the hard work and hustle was finally materializing. In addition to that, I wore this watch on the day of our wedding. There are other important moments in between the milestones I just mentioned when this watch was on my wrist. Suffice is to say, this watch has been with me in every major point in time of my life. Aside from the sentimental periods that this watch has seen, we need to discuss the watch itself.

my rolex watch
Rolex Submariner

It has a date function which is highly useful. The Rolex Submariner has an automatic movement. If you know nothing about watches, that just means you don’t need a battery to have it working. You simply need to shake it a few times or wind it and it will run on its own. If you keep it on your wrist, it will self-wind. Only after you set it down for a couple of days without moving it around will the watch no longer tell the accurate time and eventually cease to tick. It is also water proof and can be worn with any outfit.  It is essentially the best everyday companion you can have which has it’s own pragmatic uses.

Do Critics Matter?

Is a $200 Seiko that much worse off than a $6,000 Rolex? Should you listen to the critics and go with what they think is best?

Absolutely. Watches are like cars. I am going to listen to a car expert before I make a large purchase since I know very little about the hobby. The Rolex is simply better than the more affordable models like certain Seiko and Hamilton watches. I own a few Seiko watches ranging from $200-$500. Aside from the movement, just the feel of the watch is day and night. From the bracelet to the smoothness of the crown, everything is better with a Rolex.

Before you do make a purchase, listen to the critics and experts. They know what they are talking about. A watch blog I personally love is Hodinkee. They release plenty of content in reference to the best entry-level time pieces.

And there you have it. Now that you know why you should care about owning a watch, start your journey by browsing through YouTube and Hodinkee to get a feel for which brand you want to dive into. My personal recommendation would be a Rolex Datejust. It is incredibly sporty and dressy all at once. Good luck on your luxury watch voyage!

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