Why Vegans Hate The Term “Vegetarian”

Why Vegans Are Annoyed By “Vegetarians”

Ying and Yang. Sith vs Jedi. Vegan vs Vegetarian. Some feuds will always be timeless. There isn’t exactly a real feud going on  with vegans and vegetarians but there is a big moral question in how vegans view their more egg-friendly counterparts. I exhibit a huge eye roll when someone tells me at a dinner “oh you are a vegan?! I’m a vegetarian.”

I should say from the outset – anyone who refrains from consuming even some animal products is okay in my book. Something is always better than nothing.

Difference Between Vegan & Vegetarian

Vegans absolutely hate the word “vegetarian”.  They do not appreciate conflating veganism with vegetarianism. These are two completely different concepts and lifestyles. Why the hate exactly?

Let’s first give a broad definition of what it means to be a vegetarian. A vegetarian does not completely avoid using animals in their day to day lives. They have no issues buying leather and fur. They may use shampoo and other products that were tested on animals.  They also eat dairy and eggs.

“You can judge a man’s true character by the way he treats his fellow animals.”
Paul McCartney

From the outset, the word vegetarian makes it sound like a person is in tune with the plant-based lifestyle. The reality is you can still be considered a vegetarian and completely exploit animals on every level, every day. This is why the term is so hated by vegans. There can easily be very little plant-based-lifestyling as a vegetarian.

Picture a meat eater. They eat only fruits and vegetables all week long. But every Friday evening, they have a steak. They are technically now considered an omnivore.

Now consider a vegetarian who never eats meat or poultry. They have eggs and dairy in every single one of their meals. Breakfast is typically a three egg omelet. Lunch is a bagel with cream cheese. Dinner is a huge cheese lasagna.

Aside from all of the sodium and cholesterol that they are consuming, the vegetarian is consuming an animal product on average 21 times a week in this scenario. The meat eater is only consuming an animal product once a week. From the standpoint of morality, who ranks better? I would say the meat-eater. Yet the vegetarian has a more politically correct label attached to them.

To put it mildly, vegans and vegetarians are as far apart on lifestyle and morality choices similar to a typical meat eater. In my experience, vegetarians seem to convey a woke-like attitude just because they aren’t eating meat. But the level of destruction they are contributing to is still outrageously high. Some of the most inhumane industries outside of the human slave-trade are being funded by vegetarians every time they purchase an egg or a gallon of milk.

Being “Vegetarian” Isn’t Virtuous

Vegetarians may tell you they are uncomfortable with the idea of eating a slaughtered animal. That is normally one of the reasons they avoid eating meat and chicken. But what I find odd is how they ignore the sheer brutality involved in the dairy and egg farming industry.

For vegans, the production of meat, poultry, egg, and dairy are all equally as bad. They all share similar features of torture:

  • Animals are kept in extremely tight quarters
  • They are living in their own feces
  • They exist only to produce
  • Once they no longer have utility, they are killed
  • They are force-fed
  • Baby animals are separated from their mothers

Why meat is somehow worse than dairy or egg has no relevance to me when the process is identical.

The Life of Dairy Cows

A dairy cow is conceived through the means of rape. Dairy farmers do not wait for bulls to mate with cows. The process will take too long to produce a quick profit. Instead, each cow is artificially inseminated with a needle-like gun filled with bull semen. Once born, a calf is not allowed to spend much time with their mother cows. The reason is because that precious, government-subsidized, and highly profitable milk needs to be packaged and sold to vegetarians. Cows know their children are being taken away from them. This is already enough for vegans to never want to touch a dairy product again .

The calf, if a female, is left to sit in small confines with no room to walk or run. They are sleeping in their own feces. Once puberty arrives, they are artificially inseminated. A cow does not produce milk unless they are pregnant. And so the cycle begins again. This happens over and over so you can have lasagna, mozzarella cheese, and chocolate milk shakes.

This video summarizes everything I just said:


The Life of Egg Producing Chickens

Very early on, hens have half their beaks cut off. Since hens are emotionally rich creatures, when they are put in tight spaces with other hens, they will exhibit stress. When stressed, they may attack the other hens to death. Pause. Your desire for an egg salad contributes to this high stressful state in hens that they display patterns of senseless violence. It isn’t their fault. Overcrowded quarters and an unnatural habitat will do that to just about anyone.

Unnatural methods are used to increase the volume egg production within a chicken. Once their bodies are completely spent, they now make a fine roasted chicken. They are then sent to their slaughter. Again, as a vegetarian, you are contributing financially to all of this.


All of this may be coming off as a bit harsh. As I said earlier, even cutting out some animal products from your diet is admirable. Vegetarians are still better than the “muh bacon” crowd that I always come across on social media. But vegetarians can make a massive impact in terms of ending the animal brutality our society exhibits by simply saying no to eggs and dairy.

Every pescatarian and vegetarian can help the cause. They’ve already refrained from eating a category of food that the majority of the world is still addicted to. Cutting out the eggs and dairy isn’t as hard as it seems. With the level of advancement in plant-based foods nowadays, finding a replacement for cheese and milk has never been easier.

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